Tarot Card Reading – Celtic Cross Layout of 11 Cards


Tarot Reading – Celtic Cross Layout of 11 Cards

45 Minute Reading with taped Mp3 file e-mailed to you


Tarot Card Reading – Celtic Cross Layout of 11 Cards


The Celtic Cross layout is a popular layout providing a good basis for answering major questions about your life.

The 11 card locations on this reading include: The Self, What is your immediate situation , What is Crossing You, What is your subconscious feeling about the question, What is in your past, What is the best outcome for this questions based on current events, What is your immediate future, What is your conscious relation to this question, What is in your environment, What do you most fear or hope for, and the final Outcome of the question itself. The cards are read using a combination of influences including the symbolic meaning of the card itself, the card’s meaning as it is influenced by it’s position within the layout, and the card’ s relationship s with the all the other surrounding cards.

Your Celtic Cross reading will be approximately 45 minutes in duration.This reading allows you to ask a few questions. I include a copy of the reading in a downloadable Mp3 file format, so that you may review your personal reading when desired.  To order your reading please fill out the attached form:

Thank you for your Tarot Card Reading order from Spiral Topaz!

Important Notes on all Tarot Card Readings:

Tarot card readings are based on the clients question, how the reader symbolicly interprets the cards, the cards layout positions, and all cards relation of symbology and energies to all the other cards.  The reading is dependent on the current path of how the client is dealing with the question.

Is a Tarot Card Reading helpful?

A Tarot reading is helpful as it allows the subconscious imagery of the client’s subconscious to become visible and interpreted, helping to assist the client in understanding what they are experiencing.

Is a Tarot card reading interpretation changeable?   Yes, because you can create change in your current path and situation at any time,

I have always stressed to all clients that a Tarot reading is a snap-shot of that person’s relation to their particular question.  If a client hears how they can change a difficult situation into a better situation or better understanding, then that client has then changed their path and changed what the reading initially said. In the same way, if a client hears how they are in a good situation they can acknowledge that and reinforce that type of situation coming into existence.  Please be aware that often the question that the card reading is answering is the real question the client has and not the one they initially gave the reader.


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