Progressed Natal Astrological Chart


How have you changed since your birth?


Personal Progressed Natal Astrological Chart – Chart Changes since birth

What is a Progressed Chart?

The Progressed chart is based on the individual natal birth chart and then progresses that birth zodiacal data to the current date.   A new astrological chart for that individual is then created based on that new date.

How is a Progressed chart helpful?

Your Progressed chart can show us how you have changed since you were born.  No, this does not mean that if you were born as a natal Sun in Leo and now have a progressed Sun in Libra that you are a “Libra”. (Nobody is going to take away a Leo’s roar)    What it does mean is that your inherent planetary  influences and attributes that you were born with will always be you are, but, those influences are now tempered and influenced by the changes in your chart due to passing time.
This type of chart is very helpful in understanding these newer zodiacal influences as they often manifest in our lives as major life decisions and major changes in the form of events like promotions, rewards, births, marriages, a new profession, relocation, and changes in our significant emotional relationships.  Please note the example above of the progressed chart of R.J. Rowling for the year 2007.  This chart shows the magnificent star formation of planet aspects that occurred that year when she received the Time magazine Person of the Year Runner Up award.

Progressed Natal Chart Package

This package includes a personal 45 minute progressed chart analysis provided over the phone, Skype, or FaceTime and the resulting Mp3 audio file e-mailed to you.  This session allows me to review your charts numerous modified  individual influences and interpret these into a composite personalized reading of how you have changed over time and how those influences effect you life.
This offer also includes your personal progressed chart with color coded planetary aspects you receive a file containing an eight page chart analysis of your planets, houses, and aspects, a diagram showing the different planetary and zodiacal sign symbols, and an aspect symbol and interpretation diagram.


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