Welcome to Spiral Topaz!

Our goal is to provide astrological charts, a number of different types of readings, and metaphysical gifts to fellow travelers on the path.

I will create your personal astrological chart(s) based upon the exact time, place, and date of your birth.

This process will give you a snapshot of what the heavens looked like when you were born. I will then interpret this cosmic display to help you better understand the forces influencing your life. Equipped with this pattern of planetary influences, we will explore your personal strengths and challenges to help you maximize your potential. Which career path will afford you the most fulfillment?  What types of people should you seek out to best support your dreams?


The additional different types of readings available are:


Tarot cards are graphic depictions of world archetypes displaying different powers, attributions,  and energy forms,  A Tarot reading allows us to view the development of an answer to your questions using these images. A great analogy of a Tarot reading is evaluating your dreams where everything appears in pictures and action sequences  rather than words on a page.   Numerous Tarot layouts arrangements are available  tailored for your specific type of questions.


Gemstone Readings (Lithomancy):

This a form of divination popularized by the ancient Romans.  Different minerals and gemstones are released onto a surface  creating a pattern. These patterns are then interpreted to assist you in understanding the influences manifesting in your life.

As part of the travelers path you need to enjoy and remember what is beautiful, powerful, and meaningful in our lives.  Our metaphysical gifts both natural minerals and created treasures are available for you as divine inspiration in humanity and the world.

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